About Us
I am a mother!!!
* I am a mummy of three boys!

* I was made redundant twice (in a row) in Brisbane, due to the world economics and decided to give myself a job;

* I wanted to be able to drop off and pick up my kids from school.

* I wanted to create thick, soft, fun,
Australian animal hooded towels that when you wrap a child up in the towel, the towel
would actually absorb the water and keep the child warm; and

* I have spent the last couple of years cutting and twisting bits of material to look like ears and nose (while our children slept);

* I used my children's teddy bears and my children as mannequins to get the right shape and position of ears, eyes and noses;

* I had my sewing machine on the dinning room table for a year, sewing 'proto type towels' (while our children slept);

* I had an dream and followed it through;